About Our Company


At Stay in the Fire, we aim to inspire those going through difficult times, experiencing both mental and physical struggles.   Providing clothing that serves as a reminder to never give up and never give in.  That our struggles can be viewed as an opportunity for growth.   Helping others understand that thought process and learning it through yoga is our inspiration.  Our goal is to ensure that our gear is of the highest quality and offers superior comfort with a uniqueness of design and style.  Stay in the fire, our gear will be right there with you.



We all face challenges in our waking life rather those challenges are personal, professional, physical or mental.  It's imperative we overcome these challenges to grow and to achieve the peace, harmony, balance, health and happiness that we all seek. 


After years of struggling with the many challenges life has it's ways of placing upon us, I'd come to my darkest hours, with no where to turn and no light in sight.  Of all of my struggles, anxiety was the one that finally took me down to a place I just couldn't escape.  After trying everything I possibly could to find a solution to my struggles I decided to give yoga a try in an effort to center myself, bring my life back to me, to bring focus back to my thoughts, and strength to my body and mind.  Yoga helped me gain control of my thoughts and brought a strength within me to the surface I never knew was there.  Train the mind and the body will definitely follow.


Although yoga was helping, It wasn't until one evening in yoga class while in a pose in the middle of a sequence, my core was struggling, quads were on fire, my body was ready to throw in the towel and get out of the pose when I heard the words "Stay in the Fire" from our yoga instructor.  At that moment something clicked and everything changed, how I viewed my struggles and life in general began to take a new shape.  My approach to my challenges both on and off my mat from then on were branded with a new meaning and a new challenge.


That new challenge was to Stay in the fire....  I was going to Stay in the fire and overcome any challenge that came my way and continue to grow and strengthen my body and my mind.  Our company was built on the belief that staying in the fire will help you grow and achieve your goals of peace, harmony, balance, health and happiness.  Our goal is to help others see this opportunity to grow.  If we can help just one person then we've accomplished what we set out to do.